A Couple Tips on Lowering Your AC Bill

It may be tempting to keep the air conditioning at full blast during a heat wave, but your energy consumption will be enormous, and that’s bad for your wallet, and bad for the planet. There are ways to lower your air conditioning utility bill without needing an ac service man to adjust the settings – just follow these simple guidelines.

Comfortable Settings

It stands to reason that if you don’t set your air conditioner at too low a temperature (after all, you don’t want your house to be an icebox!) then by default, your home energy bill will lower significantly. A good temperature, and one you should use as the normal temperature of your home, is about 83 degrees. That”s a completely livable temperature.

Want to know the facts and figures? For every degree that you increase the temperature in your house, you will see a five percent drop in your energy bill. That is a significant amount of money when you add up all the savings over the summer months. Going on a vacation? Turn the A/C off, or increase the temperature higher.

Move the temperature to a higher setting right before you leave and this helps save money while you’re absent. Once you get back home you can set it to a more pleasant heat range and your house will cool off quickly.

Shades or Blinds

Lets also assume that you will be preventing a lot of the sunlight from heating your home up, just by installing curtains or shades on your windows. A little known fact about home efficiency and heat/cool air loss is that over 20% of your air conditioning expenses may be caused by the sunshine that enters in through house windows which do not have shades and/or curtains.The more sunlight you can stop from entering your house the less your home’s air conditioner will have to operate to keep your house at a mild and livable temperature.

Also, make sure your equipment works efficiently! It sounds like a no-brainer, but very few homeowners have their air conditioning units serviced regularly by a technician. Contacting a Vancouver ac repair specialist and getting them to test out your system is the best way to be sure your A/C is working efficiently. Have your unit serviced after and before every warm season.

Once you follow these guidelines and take heed of these air conditioning tip, you should understand how the proper home air-con temperatures can save you lots of bucks. Conserve the maximum amount of cash as you possibly can monthly on your own air conditioning expenses by being exceedingly careful how and when you use your A/C unit to cool your home during the hottest months.

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