Services We Can Provide

Home maintenance can get out of hand sometimes and when that happens we can connect you with any one of the following home service professionals. These companies have been in business at least ten years and back up their work. Roofers, painters, plumbers, heating technicians, home maintenance services, flooring installers, renovation companies.

Painting Services

House painters extraordinaire; Heritage Painting and Decorating. This company has been painting homes since 1972. The owner David Forrester started with his family in Nova Scotia and then when he decided to start his own company he moved to Vancouver BC to set it up. A family man and hard worker, David will visit you at home to discuss colors and budget

Vancouver house painters since 2005, David’s team will do an outstanding job with a five year guarantee. You be left with a quality paint job that will last beyond typical expectations.

  • Exceptional painting with quality product with national brand paints. You will not be disappointed
  • Call David Forrester today for a free quote on your home and see it come back to life

Plumbing and Heating

When the plumbing acts up or the heat goes out you want it fixed fast. The easiest way to get things fixed and back to normal is to hire a reputable plumber. Pioneer Plumbing is the company to call no matter where you live in greater Vancouver. They specialize in construction and renovation plumbing. Call now to book an appointment.

The guys at Pioneer Plumbing have your best interest at heart. They know how difficult it can be to watch the toilet overflow and make a stinking mess. They will clean it up and get it working again

  • Pioneer Plumbing in Vancouver is one of the oldest plumbers in the city
  • Call right away if you need to talk to a specialist about a plumbing problem

Flooring and Carpets

When it comes time to upgrade your home, you want someone who knows their stuff. There are lots of construction companies who are great but hard to find. In the construction business almost everything goes by referral. Our company of choice for flooring installation and carpet cleaning is AllStrong Property Services.

With attention to detail and a keen eye for quality, they do great work with a friendly attitude. You can expect long lasting quality when you call AllStrong

  • For unique flooring designs and craftsmanship you can appreciate
  • Solid hardwood floors and tightly installed carpeting, beautiful vinyl plank and vinyl tile flooring

Roofing Company

A good roof will usually last 20 – 30 years. They only last that long if proper maintenance is done on a regular basis. The roof is an easy thing to neglect and far too often that is the case. If you can’t remember the last time you inspected your roof then you should consider having someone take a look. It is possible to put off a full replacement if things have not gone too far.

If you find that the roof does indeed need to be replaced, then find a reputable roofing company. You do not want to pay thousands in repair bills only to discover new leaks a couple years later.

  • The roofing company we like to deal with is Crucial Roofing run by Greg Krushel
  • Greg will never push for an expensive job if simple repairs are all that is needed

Home Maintenance Services

General maintenance projects around the house can pile up. Some you can co and others jobs are actually quite difficult if you don’t have the right equipment. When it comes to gutter cleaning, power washing for sidewalks and driveways, window cleaning and downspout repair. This type of job calls for a professional. It’s not super technical but it’s labor intense.

Exterior house gutters need to flow freely. When they plug up with tree droppings, dirt and debris, it can cause more problems than you can image. Stonehenge Systems does all this and more.

  • Clean the gutters at least once every year. If you can’t do it yourself hire a professional
  • Sidewalk power washing, window cleaning, gutters and downspouts all need attention

As you can see we have a number of home services covered. Click on any of the company links on this page to contact our partners.